Water Features

Add a New Dimension to Your Yard

Schedule a water feature installation in Ferndale, WA

A yard that's lush and green is already beautiful, but adding water features will give it more variety and help provide contrast for your plants. You can turn your yard into a work of art by hiring West Coast Landscape & Hardscape for a water feature installation.

From ponds and waterfalls to garden streams, we build all kinds of commercial and residential water features in the Ferndale, WA area. We'll take care of your project from start to finish, including designing it, collecting materials, building it and cleaning up. If you need to prepare your yard for a new project, we can also take care of the foundation installation.

Arrange for a custom water feature installation by calling us at 360-815-7240.

The benefits of water features

Not sure if a water feature installation is the right choice for your yard? Consider the benefits that water features provide:

  • They increase your home’s curb appeal
  • Your yard will look more unique and natural
  • Potential buyers will love seeing a water feature

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