Retaining Walls

Reshape Your Landscape

Get help from a retaining wall contractor in the Ferndale, Bellingham & Marietta-Alderwood, WA areas

Rainwater can slowly displace and move your soil. The resulting erosion can damage your plants and ruin your yard's appearance. Don't hesitate to call a retaining wall contractor if you need help keeping your soil in place.

West Coast Landscape & Hardscape of Ferndale, Bellingham & Marietta-Alderwood, WA can protect your soil with a retaining wall installation. From a single structure to a series of walls, we'll take every step necessary to keep your soil where it belongs. Our natural stone walls are not only sturdy and durable, but they're also attractive and will improve the visual appeal of your yard.

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3 reasons to install a retaining wall

Retaining walls do more than just protect soil. A retaining wall installation can improve your yard because…

  1. It can turn an unusable slope into a flat surface that’s perfect for a patio or garden
  2. You can slow or redirect the flow of water across your yard, protecting your plants
  3. Retaining walls are decorative features that will improve your curb appeal

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